About Somatic Intervention

Your body holds your story.
Somatic Intervention unlocks it.

What is Somatic Intervention?

Somatic Intervention is a technique which allows you to sense and interrupt habitual patterns like anxiety, stress or fear – release the bodily tension, process associated memories, and move forward in a more centered way.

From the Greek word soma, meaning body, Somatic refers to something that is ‘of the body’Intervention means to come between or interrupt. An intervention is an action taken to improve a situation, to change its course. Somatic Intervention uses body awareness with somatic tracking to accomplish this goal.

Somatic Intervention invites you to pause – and check inside yourself. Thanks to Eugene Gendlin’s work, we know that the  ability to track  your felt sense, no matter how vague or uncertain it feels, has been associated with the ability to change and grow in therapy. 

Somatic Intervention:

Why Use Somatic Intervention?

For the professional, parent, or partner– Somatic Intervention teaches you a new language. Rather than lead with your left brain to listen to the narrative, you learn to notice the holistic, more nuanced non-verbal impressions of your right brain.  Open your antennae to track the subtle movement, muscle tension, posture, gaze, breath, vitality and voice of the person in front of you.  

This moment-to-moment tracking unlocks an early but forgotten realm of communication and awareness. Somatic Intervention redirects us from our present experience back to the non-verbal language of our early attachment years, before we had words to express feelings and needs.

Privileging the right brain in the present moment generates exquisite attunement between two people. This co-created relationship gifts you the sense of being truly seen and heard. A moving repair, to be met and matched fills some of the essential pieces missing from the time  we were so young.

Somatic Intervention is the missing piece. For you, as well as for your clients.

How Does Somatic Intervention Work?

Somatic Intervention is a bodymind approach, designed to expand your capacity to bear whatever life hands you. 

From the very first moment, slowing down the pace  uncovers your innate ability to digest stress in tiny doses. Somatic sessions begin and end with safety in order to foster connection,capacity and comfort.

Once you feel safe enough it becomes possible to find yourself, connecting to your body and your experience. Somatic Intervention gently invites you to pause, sense yourself and notice what feels difficult or out of balance.

The space created helps us listen to our body and hear what it has to say.  Old associations often surface and patterns take shape.  Once heard and acknowledged, long held painful memories can be honored and released. 

Just as The Body Remembers – the body can let go.

Careful attunement to the body creates the opportunity for neuroplastic change, actually rewiring the brain. Most people speak their story, hoping that others will listen.  With Somatic Intervention, the narrative is interrupted, shifting focus from thoughts and words to the physical experience in the here and now.  

Shift your physical state, and shift your story.

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