Trainings in Somatic Intervention with Ricki Bernstein


About the Trainings

For therapists who work with trauma and attachment, these courses in Somatic Intervention will give you powerful tools to deepen and accelerate your work.

Target Audience
Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, MFTs, Counselors, Creative Arts therapists, Sex Therapists.
Geared for all professional levels.
26 CE hours available for each course!

Upcoming Trainings  2023

The Missing Piece: The Body in the Therapy Room (Part 1)

Learn to incorporate somatic tools into your therapy practice, and add new depth and control to your work by learning how to sense, notice and understand what the body is saying. Applying the latest neuroscience research, you will be able to create strength and safety, tame dysregulated emotion and work with stress and trauma. There will be an emphasis on building resilience, as well as experiential exercises to practice new interventions.

Zoom – July 9-13 2023

The Old Piece: Attachment Wounds, Then and Now (Part 2)

A somatic approach to work with attachment and relational patterns. Topics to be covered include pre and post natal trauma, parent/infant communication, attachment styles and treatment interventions.

Part 1 (or other somatic training) is a prerequisite.

Zoom – Oct/Nov 2023

The Lost Piece: Reclaiming the Body after Abuse (Part 3)

Teach your clients to gain a sense of their body as a safe place to live. Working gradually and incrementally, we will use Somatic Intervention to repair the body and the sense of self which were compromised by abuse. Enable your clients to contain their internal experience, build trust, tolerate intimacy and approach pleasure.

Part 1 (or other somatic training) is a prerequisite.

Zoom-July 18 – 24 2023


To Be Announced