Services Offered

  • Training in Somatic Intervention more about Trainings…
  • Ongoing supervision groups for Somatic Experiencing students and SEPs
  • Personal or group consultation (especially in the areas of trauma resolution and sexuality)
  • Experiential workshops

    Sample Workshops:

    The Body as Resource

    Somatic Empathy: Boundaries or Burnout?

    Take Back the Body (for those who work with the sexually abused)

    Sensing the Self: Building Healthy Sexuality After Abuse

    Finding the Self: Working with Dissociation
  • Lectures

    Sample Lectures:

    Introduction to Somatic Experiencing

    Emotional First Aid

    The New Brain Science and You

    Stress Reduction and Resilience

  • Staff development and training, tailored to meet the unique needs of your team


    Training hotline volunteers, first responders, emergency response teams

    Training for military, teachers, medical staff

    Training for Rape Crisis Centers

Somatic Psychotherapy (including EMDR, SE, Focusing and Brainspotting):
  • Trauma (sexual, medical, military, birth, auto accidents)
  • Anxiety
  • Childhood wounds
  • Boundary work
  • Connection to self and others
  • Sexuality
Skype sessions available